Whole Foods Market is Removing Plastic Straws in US, UK, and Canada


Whole Foods Market, an American supermarket chain, has decided to eliminate plastic straws from all of its stores in the USA, UK, and Canada by July 2019.

Instead of plastic straws, the grocery chain will be providing compostable paper straws to their customers. However, in the case of customers with disabilities, plastic straws will only be given to them on request.

The store will become the first ever national grocery market to stop offering plastic straws.

“For almost 40 years, caring for the environment has been central to our mission and how we operate,” A.C. Gallo, President and Chief Merchandising Officer at Whole Foods Market, said. “We recognize that single-use plastics are a concern for many of our customers, team members, and suppliers, and we’re proud of these packaging changes, which will eliminate an estimated 800,000 pounds of plastics annually. We will continue to look for additional opportunities to further reduce plastic across our stores.”

Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods’ competitor, is also planning on eliminating one million pounds of plastic from its stores in 2019. They’ll do so by removing plastic wrapping on flowers, tea, and produce.

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