Watch The Epic Moment a Dog Tethered to a Chain for 15 Years Breaks Free


For 15 years of his life, Bear, a chow-lab mix, was relegated to little more than a back-yard dog. While his owners were mixing it up in the creature comforts of a warm and cozy existence, Bear bore the brunt of brutal winters, hot summers, and plenty of rainy days and nights. That was until rescue organization Guardians of Rescue heard about Bears story and decided to act.

Robert Misseri, the founder of the Smithtown, New York animal rescue organization made the journey to Bears residence in the small town of Shirly, New Jersey. Misseri bought a small, modest dog House for Bear, and took him on a walk. He educated the family on the dangers of leaving Bear exposed to the elements and left with the positive feeling that things were on the mend for the living conditions of the senior pup.

However, Misseri’s short-lived hope faded quickly when he discovered that Bear’s owners never headed his advice. Misseri visited the family once again, this time, with the aim of persuading them to surrender the pup to his custody: they conceded.

In the video below, Misseri arrives at Bear’s home, with bolt cutters in hand, to liberate the loyal pup from a decade and five years of suffering:

Bear is presently being sheltered at the Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue in Port Jefferson Station, New York. Bear’s caretakers at the rescue shelter are placing him up for adoption. If you or someone you know is interested in providing a home for this precious pup, please visit Save-A-Pet Animal Rescue.


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