Wagamama Launches New Vegan Menu and Pledges to Reduce Meat Items by 50% This Year

Credit: Wagamama Instagram
The British restaurant chain has pledged to cut back on its meat items by 50% this year, despite the new covid restrictions.
Introducing on January 5, the new menu will be offering vegan alternatives such as vegan chili squid, sticky ribs, and No Duck Donburi.
The company is hopeful that introducing vegan options could inspire meat-eaters to adopt newer and more eco-friendly ways of eating.
We believe that vegan choices should be so delicious that everyone should want to include in their lives, whether a strict vegan or someone who has never thought of themselves as a vegan before” Emma Woods, Wagamama CEO, said in a statement.
“As COVID-19 causes us all to press pause on so many things, let’s make sure we fast forward the small decisions which can better our planet” said Ms. Woods. 

“This new menu clearly embraces the opportunity to create vegan versions of fan favorites, while also introducing guests to new innovative plant-based options. It will appeal to non-vegans and vegans alike, and we can’t wait to try it

Credit: Wagamama Instagram
Toni Vernelli at Veganuary is excited at the restaurant’s commitment to shifting their menus to vegan-friendly options.
Toni added: “Every year Wagamama has consistently made it easier to persuade people to try vegan food by introducing great-tasting, high-quality vegan dishes to their menu.

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