Viral Singer Anthony Gargiula Attributes The Vegan Diet For His Acne Transformation

(Photos: Anthony Gargiula)

The Celebrity Singer, 19, is so impressed with this incredible acne transformation that he’s looking forward to cutting meat and dairy out of his diet forever.

Gargiula posted an image on Twitter reflecting the transformation he’s had after cutting out meat and dairy from his diet.

Before and after following the vegan diet (Photos: Anthony Gargiula)

Garguila’s tweet attracted a lot of engagement and the attention of the animal rights organization, Peta, who replied: “Absolutely incredible! They don’t call it ‘vegan glow’ for nothing. Congrats on eight months of compassionate, healthy living.”

The singer revealed in an interview with Plant Based News that he has suffered from acne since he was 12 years old and stopped taking the medication because they were giving him migraines.

“I also tried EVERY. TOPICAL PRODUCT EVER. But nothing seemed to work for me,” Gargiula said. “After high school, I moved to Orlando, where I came across a Facebook post from a friend. She talked about how following a vegan diet helped clear up her cystic acne.

“I had never even thought about changing my diet and seeing if it would affect my skin. Going vegan seemed like it would be a challenge for me but… I had to give it a try.”

Garguila says he didn’t see results immediately but after sticking to the diet for a few months, he started noticing ‘fewer extreme breakouts’ and his blemishes were ‘getting smaller in size’.

The star said: “I plan on keeping meat and dairy out of my diet for a long time, probably my whole life.

“I don’t get too much acne anymore, and as a performer that makes life much easier because I don’t have to put on 5lb of foundation anymore.”

According to Nutrition Facts, acne is non-existent in non-westernized populations such as Okinawa islanders, mainly because they do not consume dairy.

The site, run by vegan M.D. Michael Greger, states: “By million years of evolution, this signaling system of mammalian milk is exclusively and physiologically provided to the newborn only during the nursing period.”

He said, “The chronic ‘abuse’ of this mammalian postnatal signaling system by widespread cow milk and dairy consumption in humans of industrialized societies has been proposed to be the major cause of the acne epidemic and the more serious chronic western diseases.”




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