Vegan Singer Jessie J Displays Her Impressive Plant-Based Cooking


Jessie J, a popular vegan musician with over 8 million followers on Instagram, presented pictures of her delicious looking plant-based meal in her Instagram story recently. The singer’s Instagram bio also displays her vegan status.

Photo Courtesy: Jessie J (Instagram)

Laughing at the large portion sizes, she added a caption to the story post saying: “Portion control MUAD. What I make for my Dad and I last night.” Her meal consisted of rice, corn on the cob, and lots of veggies.

Over the last few years, Jessie J has publically expressed her opinions about how she depends on ‘vegan protein’ to stay physically fit. As claimed by Female First, she told Billboard: “I do a lot of vegan protein. And I like making shakes as a meal supplement; usually having one in addition to three meals a day.”

She said, “I recently cut out all sugar in the last week. Some would call that an adventure, some would call it torture. I’m in the process of feeling both at the moment. However, feeling good makes you look good and feel at your best. So if I think something will make me feel good, I’ll try it. Even a green juice. It’s about finding your own balance. What makes somebody else feel good might not be what you like to eat or do in the gym. Your fitness journey is yours and no one else’s.”

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