Vegan Singer Bryan Adams Turned Into a ‘Human Shield’ to Save a Whale’s Life


Bryan Adams, a Canadian vegan musician made himself into a ‘Human Shield’ to save a whale’s life.

The singer noticed hunters going after a whale in the waters around Mustique, a private island in the Caribbean’s Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Adams moved towards the whale on his paddleboard surrounding the island which is a famous spot for the rich.

Speaking about the incident to Searchlight, Adams explained, “I was witness to a whaleboat and speed boats corralling a whale; several boats going around and hurting it. I saw it first-hand…and I got out on my paddleboard, and I was in between the whale and the whaler.”

“I was there on a peaceful mission,” he added. “It was big sea, the moment may have been lost. But the whale was beside me for a moment and it was gone.”

After Adams interfered, the security arrived on a boat and told the whalers to leave.

The singer owns Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Environment Fund (SVGEF) and strongly believes that the islands should shift its focus towards eco-tourism. According to the star, whale watching should be the norm rather than whale hunting. Some property on the island also belongs to Adams who considers himself a citizen of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

“My role is that of somebody who wants to make sure we protect it (SVG) for the future, for our children and children’s children,” he said.

“I am not interested in damaging the country,” he added. “I want people to come to SVG and see how beautiful the environment here is.”

“It is so broad and beautiful and rare,” he continued. “eco-tourism should be the focus of the future as it is a much more viable thing to be thinking instead of whaling, because tourists would be horrified if they see that going on.”

Adam is no stranger to speaking out for animals. He frequently posts about veganism on social media encouraging his followers to adopt a vegan lifestyle for their health, the animals and the environment.

In June 2018 he spoke out about the use of gelatin in candy. He Tweeted, “did you know that if you are eating gummybears you are eating ‘meatsweets’ made of animal byproducts such as hoofs and horns?” 

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