Vegan Mom Writes Story Books To Teach Kids About Veganism & Compassion

Photo Credits: LuLu Lotus

Lulu Lotus, the author of the storybook series, fled her abusive husband with her two baby sons and was inspired to write about veganism and compassion for animals.

The first in the series is titled Kiss or Cook? in which she delivers a ‘gentle’ message to kids about veganism.

Pigs are for kissing, peppers are for cooking.

She is a very passionate animal lover and a vegan, inspired to bring awareness among kids about love and compassion for animal friends.

The second book in the series, Free or Force? talks about animals being enslaved for the amusement of people.

The first two books in the series. Photo Credits: LuLu Lotus

Care or Wear? being the third in the series teaches about animals being used to produce clothing and other materials.

She tried her best to provide the message in a ‘gentle way’ she said. “It is a difficult subject to talk to children about, what happens to animals.”

After she fled her abusive marriage, she stayed in a women’s shelter where she got inspired to write books to teach children about veganism.

“I’ve always wanted to write books,” she said. “The other kids (at the shelter) were interested in my kids’ diets, and were asking me questions,”

She realized that there were only a few books that teach children about this subject.

“I would be so excited to start working on the book,” she said, soon discovering that her confidence and self-esteem was growing along with each page of the book.

“I felt so empowered, I felt that I could take care of myself and my sons,” Lotus recalled. “I felt so accomplished.”

She went through an abusive marriage which sparked in her the confidence and self-esteem to inspire others who may be going through the same torment.

“Never forget that YOU control your own life and have the power to grow from your experiences. FOCUS and leave all of the darkness in the past — you deserve love and light,” Lotus has posted on her Facebook page.

Her uncle’s gift helped her pay for the first copy of the book through Amazon self-publishing last November.

She has been following the vegan diet for five years, except for a short period during her pregnancy for health reasons.

“I really believe it is the most compassionate way to live,”

“And I also feel it’s the healthiest way you can eat,” Lotus said, adding that the recently updated Canada Food Guide now promotes more plant-based protein and a little dairy.

For more information, visit her website.


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