Vegan Meals 40% Cheaper Than Meat And Fish, New Study Suggests

New research suggests that adopting a vegan diet costs 40% less than meat and fish.
The new data exposed the commonly held belief that vegan meals are expensive and only for the privileged.
Conducted by Kantar, in collaboration with Veganuary, the data shows that it’s not only cheaper but also quicker to prepare.
A study of online meal diaries from 11000 Brits showed that a vegan meal costs approximately £1.06 per person.
Whereas, a meal consisting of meat and fish products costs £1.77 per person.

It was also found that average vegan families spend £16.47 per grocery basket whereas non-vegan families of the same size spend £17.91. This data shows that vegan families spend 8% less per grocery shopping trip.

Speaking to Vegan Food and Living, Toni Vernelli, Head of Communications at Veganuary stated: “Those of us who’ve been eating vegan for years know that it’s great value, yet somehow the myth has persisted that veganism is expensive and out of reach for some people.”
“We now have the data to dispel this outdated idea once and for all. While some plant-based meat and dairy substitutes carry a premium, this study shows they are only a small part of a typical vegan diet and overall eating plants costs less – another great reason to try vegan this January!.”
The research also states that vegan meals are quicker to prepare than meat and fish meals.
On average, lunch containing vegan meals takes 12 minutes which is 37% quicker than lunch containing meat and fish at 18.9 minutes.
Also, a vegan dinner was 32% quicker to prepare than a meat-based dish.
These findings suggest that eating vegan is, in fact, less expensive and time-consuming than eating meat and fish meals.
In an online statement, Veganuary’s Head of Communications Toni Vernelli said: “The Covid pandemic has sparked a huge increase in people interested in trying a plant-based diet – whether for their health or the health of our planet.
“But, it has also sadly caused [an] economic loss for many. This new study shows that people can protect their health, the planet, and their pocketbooks with a plant-based diet.
Read the full research here

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