Vegan Film Director Recommends Watching Animal Cruelty Videos Before Buying Animal Products


Chris Delforce, the director of the vegan documentary ‘Dominion’ said that people should watch animal cruelty videos before buying meat. 

In an interview with Australian news program Sunrise, Delforce said that people are so against animal cruelty yet they gladly buy meat because they are not aware of what really goes on inside animal slaughterhouses.

In addition, the farmers should reveal images of animals being slaughtered and gassed to death so people can make a conscious decision, he said.

They need to be showing the footage of every single pig going into that chamber screaming and thrashing in agony,” Delforce said in the interview.

“The fact is these animals don’t want to die. They fight to the very last breath and there are plenty of cruelty-free alternatives.”

“We can live happily without killing animals, so why wouldn’t we?”

Delforce’s interview was a result of the animal rights protest in Australia this week where more than 100 animal rights activists gathered in a rally to demand an end to the animal slaughter.

“The industry is telling people these animals are being killed ethically, that they are being killed humanely – the reality is … it’s the furthest thing from humane,” Delforce said during the protest.

Christine Lee, another organizer, said: “[Dominion] shows the truth about what is happening to animals in this country and around the world, but it was all Australian footage.”

“We want to show we’re regular people who have had enough, we are killing the planet and killing animals at rates that are just unacceptable.”

“And drastic times call for drastic measures so that is why we’re here today. We have nine teams around Australia that are going to places of violence to draw attention to them directly.”

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