Vegan Brand Loma Launches Meat Free Tuna in 1,100 Walmart Stores


Tuna fish alternative Loma recently launched in 1,100 Walmart stores, marking the first time that a meat-free brand secured wide distribution from a major big box retailer in the United States. Tuno, a soy-based product that offers such flavors as Fresh Spring Water with Sea Salt, Spicy Sriracha, Thai Sweet Chili, Lemon Pepper, and Sesame Ginger, reported the news of the Walmart partnership on their social media pages.

While Tuno only launched last year, the Walmart transaction puts its distribution at over 10,000 stores across North America, Australia, the United Kingdom, and 17 other countries. Atlantic Natural Foods (ANF) the parent company of Tuno also have other popular offerings in their food line up which includes Thai Curry with Vegan Chicken and Rice, Southwest Chunky Stew with Rice, and a Chiplote Bowl with Rice and Beans.

ANF founder and President J. Douglas Hines released a statement on the Walmart deal saying,

“As we continue our journey in food development, we are pleased with the enthusiastic consumer reception of our ready-to-eat meals, and we’re exceptionally bullish on our newest creation, Tuno.”

Hines also added that the company plans on adding more vegan and vegetarian options by 2020.



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