Vegan Advocate Inspires Oprah To Take On 30-Day Vegan Challenge

Photo Courtesy of Harpo INC./Ruven Afanador

Vegan advocate, Suzy Amis Cameron, wife of Avatar and Titanic movie director James Cameron appeared on Oprah Winfrey’s television series “SuperSoul Sunday” where she discussed her new book The OMD Plan. The book inspires people to replace a meal every day with a fully plant-based meal to benefit the environment, health, and animals.

The media personality, Oprah Winfrey, was inspired to take on this 30-day vegan challenge where she is replacing a meal every day with fully plant-based cuisine. She has been sharing this journey with her massive Instagram following and is using her platform to promote a vegan message.

After the episode of the series aired, she went to Twitter to promote plant-based foods. Since then, she has been sharing her meals, recipes, and her journey through Instagram stories and a food diary posted on O Magazine online.

Winfrey sampled a roasted heirloom pepper soup and vegetable bruschetta during the midway of the 30-day challenge saying, “Another day, another meal. We’re helping to contribute to healthiness on the planet.”

Winfrey has enjoyed a number of delicious plant-based meals so far such as vegan butternut squash risotto with field mushrooms, sweet potato curry with rice, and grilled cauliflower steaks with garlic tahini sauce prepared by chef Raymond Weber.

It’s an exciting time for veganism and the ethical message the lifestyle promotes. As more and more big-time celebrities start embracing veganism and use their platform to share the message, we can hopefully expect a huge shift towards plant-based alternatives.

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