Rapper A$AP Rocky Reveals He Has Gone Vegan In His Single

Image: Chad Cooper – Flickr

The rap sensation A$AP Rocky made this announcement in his single titled “Babushka Boi” released on August 28.

Notable Lyrics (0:48 – 0:53): “I ain’t ducking bullets either. I ain’t duck sauce since I became a vegan.”

Rocky has been a pescetarian since 2012 and moved to vegetarianism soon after he realized the truth of the chicken industry.

“I became a pescetarian a few months back. I started doing research and found out how they treat those animals before they, you know, service them. They inject them with steroids and drugs that enhance their growth. None of that shit is healthy, and on top of that those fucking animals were stressed and compressed the whole time. That kind of food going into your body is unhealthy. I don’t mean to sound like some weirdo, but it is what it is.”

Back in 2015, Vegan Hip Hop Movement posted a video that features the rapper speaking about he was able to make his surroundings suit his diet.

“How is it possible to be a vegetarian when you’re on the road?” Rocky is asked.

“On of my managers is a vegetarian. He’s a vegan actually,” he explains.

“He gives me, like, protein substitutes and everything, all that other stuff, vitamins. I’m straight.”

In an article last year, Rocky expressed his disagreement with how the industry brutally treats the chickens.

“You gotta go do research on the way they treat like fuckin’ chickens, man. Those chickens go through fucking torture before they’re processed and shit, have all sorts of fucking steroids injected in them and everything.”

Rocky has now confirmed in his new single that he has transitioned to a vegan diet for good.

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