Police Seize Calf From Vegan Family To Return To The Farm


The calf was found seriously ill on the floor in need of emergency medical help and this vegan family was tempted to take action. 

The calf named Theo was taken from a Benger veal farm by the animal rights activists who were members of the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere (DxE).

The activists said that they felt “compelled to act” as the calf seemed seriously ill “collapsed on the floor of a massive factory farm” and obviously needed emergency medical care.

“When animals like this calf are being abused, we try to help them,” James Warden, DxE member, told Plant Based News.

“Ordinary Australians support us in these efforts. But instead of addressing the animal cruelty, the authorities are terrorizing vegan families and sending their companion animals to slaughter.”

This incident occurred after the animal rights protest in Australia where more than 100 vegan activists gathered in a rally against animal slaughter.

Police statement

Police have warned activists while speaking to local media that lawful protest was their right, there were ‘repercussions’ for ‘stepping over the line’.

The cow was ‘returned to its owner’ in good health as quoted by Regional WA commander Allan Adams also adding the activists have been charged with aggravated burglary, stealing and trespass.

“We call on the farming community to maintain calm on their farm,” he added.

DxE activists are going to take this matter on social media to insist for the calf to return to safety and stop him from being condemned to slaughter using the hashtag #ProtectTheo. They are demanding that the calf is returned to safety and the charges against animal advocates are dropped and the charges are pressed against people responsible for animal cruelty.

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