Idaho Cafe Owner Watches Documentary ‘Dominion’, Shuts Down Her Business To Turn It Vegan


The Idaho Cafe owner has decided to sell the final animal products in stock and then onwards will only serve vegan food.

After watching the documentary ‘Dominion‘, the cafe boss took the pledge to turn her restaurant vegan.

Dominion, directed by Chris Delforce who place secret cameras in slaughterhouses to film the reality of how animals are treated and the horrors of the animal industry.

Maria, the General Manager of High Note cafe in Boise, said that she was ‘terrified’ about the change but was no longer going to be involved in the torment of animals anymore.

“Whatever meat products we have now will be the last sold unless I find a better way,” Maria said in a statement. “I will make the High Note Cafe into a completely vegan establishment in the coming weeks.

“I do promise to still serve excellent food that everyone can enjoy. If it works out, great, if it doesn’t and costs me my livelihood, then so be it. I can no longer go forward knowing that I have supported great suffering and inexcusable practices by the meat/egg/dairy industry.

“I’m terrified, but I know I’m doing the right thing, and the right thing isn’t always lucrative or safe.”

The news was met with positive feedback and one of the highlights said “We need more brave and compassionate people like you! Thank you. It warms my heart when people actually care beyond their profits and tastebuds. You are the future we need. Sending you much love and success.”

Another added: “Your decision to move forward with a more compassionate approach is exactly what Chris Delforce had in mind when he created the Dominion documentary. Thank you so much.”

Some of the meat-eaters also decided to chime in some positive feedback: ” I am a meat-eater but I love the High Note enough that I love and respect this decision and will continue to visit.”

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