Honored With Animal Hero Award, Chris Packham Says ‘Death Threats Make Me Try Harder’

Photo Courtesy: Garry Knight

Honored with the Animal Hero Award by The Mirror newspaper for his profound contribution to advocating animal rights, the vegan TV presenter says “Death Threats Make Me Try Harder”. He claims that these threats push him to continue being an advocate for animal rights.

Chris Packham has received numerous death threats regarding his campaign with Wild Justice against letting farmers kill birds on their farms without permission. The campaign went successful and the farmers are now required to ask for permission.

Many farmers are extremely disappointed at the decision, with the National Farmers’ Union saying the general licenses are ‘absolutely necessary at this time of year when crops are particularly vulnerable to pest’, labeling the move as ‘incredibly disappointing’.

As a reaction to the decision, Packham has been warned and bullied numerous times. He dealt with dead crows hung outside his fence and threatening mail being sent to this home.

Packham said, “For me, this is part and parcel of the proces…People like myself are very dogged and determined. I cannot allow these things to sway me. There are too few people standing up and fighting to protect our environment, our landscape, our wildlife.”

He blasted Facebook, which he said was ‘extremely resistant’ to deleting posts which shared his home address, and called on people to send him ‘dead animals and all sorts of other things’.

“There is absolutely no place on Facebook for threatening behavior which includes disclosing someone’s personal information,” Facebook said in a statement.

“We have investigated and removed several posts for breaking our community standards and sharing Mr Packham’s address.”

‘Not going to give up’

“I remain absolutely defiant. It fuels me. It doesn’t put me off, it’s the worst thing they could do because it just makes me try harder,” he said.

“It proves I’m doing something right. I see it as a positive response instead of a negative one. I expect it to get worse. So let it. I’m not giving up. I’m going to carry on. The death threats have faded, but they’re still doing annoying things.

“Stealing my post, pinning things on the gate. But it’s just childish, and it doesn’t sway me from doing what I want to do and what I will do.”

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