Germany Puts A Ban On Fur Farming


In 2017, the Germany government introduced a law to put an end to factory fur farming across the country. The last six remaining farms finally closed their doors.

Thanks to PETA’s efforts, protests and petitions against fur farming as it played a major role in enforcing the legislation.

“Germany’s last fur farms will close down after a five-year transition. The new bill demands stricter regulations governing fur farming and will effectively make the raising of minks non-viable for farmers,”PETA noted. “Fur farming bans and stricter regulations that inevitably cause facilities to close are becoming increasingly widespread.”

This victory will free the lives of thousands of animals every year held captive and abused in farms.

PETA revealed that eighty-five percent of the fur industry’s skins come from animals being enslaved inside factory farms. The kind of torment animals go through in these farms are similar elsewhere in the world “These farms often hold thousands of animals, and the kinds of abuse that the facilities engage in are remarkably similar around the globe.”

Parliamentary bills to ban fur farming are currently being discussed in other EU nations including Czech Republic, Belgium, and Luxembourg.

The U.K. was the very first country to end fur farming in 2000, and Austria to follow 4 years later in 2004. Netherlands, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and the Republic of Macedonia are some of the other countries to have banned farming.

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