Ex-Vegans: Famous Youtuber & Vegan Influencer Rawvana Goes Back to Eating Meat


The social media vegan sphere was displeased at a 28-year-old Youtube vegan influencer, Yovana Mendoza after she was seen eating fish in a vlog last month.

Mendoza had made a career out of calling herself a raw vegan and pushing the supposed benefits the diet has to offer. She calls herself “Rawvana” to her 3 million followers across Youtube and Instagram.

Enraged commenters started taunting her and calling her names like “Fishvana”.

“It’s been two months since I started incorporating eggs and fish into my diet,” Mendoza admitted her change of lifestyle obsequiously in a 33-minute follow-up video, explaining she’d done so for “health reasons” after six years of veganism.

She is not the only vegan internet influencer who has gone back to their old eating lifestyles in recent months. Several others revealed their change of diet plans to carnivorism and have received similar remarks from the public.

In January, Youtuber Bonny Rebecca admitted to her 366k followers that she had started consuming animal products because of skin and gut problems. “Part of me wanted to believe in this diet so much… that I was turning a blind eye to my problems and to the severity of my health issues,” she said.

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