Endangered Orangutan Shot 74 Times Seeking Justice


Orangutans are critically endangered animals because their homes are constantly being destroyed for palm oil production. Orangutans are often killed by poachers for no reason and are mercilessly attacked by humans for no absolute reason. Life is hard, but life as an orangutan is especially harder.

Over the last decade, the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP) has rescued over 15 orangutans suffering from critical wounds from air pellet attacks. Recently, they rescued Hope, a loving, precious orangutan, whose story will break your heart.

Hope was found badly wounded by the SOCP, suffering from a total of 74 bullet wounds. Hope was nursing her 9-month old child when the assault happened, and unfortunately, rescuers could not save the child’s life. Hope is presently battling infections, broken bones, and is completely blind. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Andreas Messikommer has performed multiple surgeries on Hope and is hopeful for her full recovery.

Orangutans are much like humans, sharing 97% of our DNA. Although doctors are confident in a full recovery, the mental scarring that goes along with losing a nine-month-old baby will have long-lasting effects.

Hope has a long road to recovery for both her physical and mental wounds. What she had to endure is a complete and total miscarriage of justice since those responsible for the attack will more than likely never be charged with a crime.

Please sign the petition below to let the Indonesian government know that this practice of killing endangered species is cruel and inhumane.

Sign the petition at this link.

We ask that you keep hope in your thoughts and hearts.

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