Crispy Vegan M&M’s-Style Candy Exists


A healthy Candy brand called ‘UnReal’ makes vegan crunchy M&M’s using organic and gluten-free ingredients. The quinoa crisped gems are covered in dairy-free dark chocolate and a candy coating that is dyed with beet juice and spirulina extract.

Mars launched their first crispy M&M’s in 1999 which were just like the original M&M’s but slightly bigger and crunchy. However, in 2005, Mars stopped selling crispy M&M’s in the United States but later in 2015, they brought it back. Being in business for over 77 years, Mars never offered a vegan candy option for their famous products.

UnReal, a company which produces candy products makes their very famous dark chocolate crispy gems 100% vegan-friendly. Their website claims that the company uses sustainable and fair trade ingredients with no artificial flavors, color, and other non-food additives.

Photo: UnReal

UnReal’s vegan Dark Chocolate Crispy Gems can be found online, at Whole Foods, and at independent health food stores throughout the country.

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