Cow stuck on the shores of Sardinia is airlifted to safety


Vigili del fuoco, a rescue service in Italy was called upon to save a stuck cow on the steep rocks of Sardinia. After the cow was secured carefully with a harness and a cover over its head to avoid the suffering, it was brought back to the solid ground.

This was a substantial moment for the cow who was airlifted to safety. Huge gratitude to the rescuers from Vigili del fuoco for saving the cow who was totally unaware of how she had found herself in this situation.

People of Sardinia were no stranger at the sight of a flying cow. Similar occurrences have happened in the past like the one incident back in July 2017, when Vigili del fuoco rescued a cow who had plunged down a mountain in Verona, Italy.

It is believed that running away from perceived predators is often the reason for cows having got themselves into distressful situations.

While the harness is secured over the cow’s head, Helicopter hovers over the shore.
The cow is being lifted slowly but steadily back to safety.
The poor cow is unaware of what’s going on. The cow has worn a mask so it’s protected from the frightening sight of the unsteady heights.

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