California’s Oldest Dairy Farm Forced to Switch to Almond Farming After Losing Money For 4 years


The oldest dairy farm in California is forced to switch to almond farming after experiencing losses for the last 4 years. After a 125-year-old operation in dairy farming, The Giacomazzi Dairy has decided to focus its effort on growing its almond farming business.

The owner Dino Giacomazzi stated that a range of issues such as low milk prices, rising labor costs, laws, and regulations made it very difficult to stay profitable.

The Giacomazzi Dairy, known as the oldest dairy west of the Rockies, is closing the shop and selling at least 2,000 cows and heifers. The destination has not been revealed.

“Being that this dairy is over 125 years old, it’s not very efficient. It’s not modern, so we have to either invest to upgrade this dairy or invest in something else,” said the owner Dino Giacomazzi.

The family will now expand its 400 acres of almond trees to 900 acres.

“We’ve had four, straight years of losing money in the dairy business, and now seems like the right time to plant more land to trees,” Giacomazzi told The Business Journal.

“All our costs are going up, and the only way to keep dairying was to invest in a major expansion double our size [which the family decided not to do.”

As more and more plant-based options become readily available and businesses start switching their focus towards ethical and animal-friendly operations, a plant-based future can hopefully arrive quicker than expected.

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