BREAKING NEWS: The Famous Youtuber Casey Neistat Revealed He is a Vegan

Photo: Instagram/Casey Neistat

Casey Neistat, the Social Media sensation with a whopping 11.5 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, says that he has transitioned to veganism in the H3H3 podcast below.

Despite the fact that the episode was being sponsored by Butcher Box, a meat delivery service, this is profound news for the vegan community.

The level of exposure and influencer that the star has is huge and it’s undeniable that he could be a major source of inspiration for many of his fans to embrace veganism.

‘You Don’t Do Dairy’

During the interview, Hila asked Neistat if he was drinking hot cocoa or pumpkin.

“It’s definitely not pumpkin,” he replied. “This is a soy milk latte with some chocolate syrup in it.”

“You don’t do dairy or what?” asked Ethan.

“No, I don’t do dairy,” replied Neistat.

“You don’t do any dairy? Are you lactose intolerant?” asked Ethan. “Or you just don’t f*ck with dairy?”

The Awe Moment!

Hila asked: “Are you vegan?”

Neistat appeared to pause before saying. “I am vegan. Yeah. Believe it.”

“But you’re so jacked,” said Ethan.

“I’m like, one of those jacked vegan dudes,” replied Neistat.

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