Boyan Slat & The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Photo Credit: Borat Slat (Instagram)

From a very early age, Boyan Slat’s curiosity with the world led him on a path to discovery that eventually culminated into a hobby of inventing practical contraptions he found useful. As a child, Slat would take on mostly novel endeavors like reinventing basic household items. He recalls a time when he made a self-reclining chair at just two-years-old because the one his parents bought for him wouldn’t suffice.

As the years rolled on, many more inventions would follow, but none more monumental than the floating trash collector, his magnum opus of sorts. Slat’s life and view of the world changed forever while on a scuba diving trip for a family holiday.

Photo Credit: Ocean Clean Up Project

As he dove to the depths of the sea floor he became bitterly disappointed when all that was visible in the murky waters were plastic waste materials floating to the surface of the water.

From that moment in time, a quick-thinking Slat was determined to find a solution to clean up the world’s oceans.

To learn more about Boyan Slats mission, you can visit  Ocean Clean Up Project.

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