Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson Partner Up To Promote Veganism For The Planet


The vegan superstars Billie Eilish and Woody Harrelson appeared in a video to urge the whole world to go vegan and save the planet.

The video titled “Our House Is On Fire” stars the actor Woody Harrelson and the singer Billie Eilish who encourage fans to join strikes, vote for leaders who care about climate change and mother nature, ditch animal and dairy products and reduce the consumption of plastic.

“Our earth is warming up and our oceans are rising,” Eilish says in the video. “Extreme weather is wrecking millions of lives.”

“Up to 1,000,000 species are becoming extinct because of mankind’s actions and time is running out.”

The video provides a powerful message through the words of both stars while depicting strong graphic clips showing the Rainforests on fire.

“From California to the Amazon, our forests are burning,” warns Harrelson. “We are in a climate emergency.”
“And doing what we can to live in a greener lifestyle,” adds Eilish. “Like cutting out meat and dairy in your diet and reducing plastic use.”
Both celebrities attribute the climate crisis to the consumption of dairy, meat, and plastic and hold mankind responsible for such an outcome. “History shows us that when enough people rise up and demand change, those in power have no choice but to act,” Harrelson says.

“We must take back power.”

The video is also a call for fans to support positive movements like Greenpeace and Fridays for Future — the global youth movement inspired by teen activist Greta Thunberg working to restore balance to our climate.

After all,” Harrelson says, “it’s the only home we will ever have.”

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