The Arbor Day Foundation Is Trying To Plant 100 Million Trees by 2022 & They Need Your Help


In 2018, two wildfires that raged through California cost approximately 90 lives and decimated close to 20,000 structures causing billions of dollars in damages.  Those disasters, the Camp Fire, and the Woolsey Fire came near the end of a devastating wildfire season that destroyed an unprecedented 500,000 acres of land, and with it thousands of trees.

As part of a sweeping initiative to plant 20 million native tree species across the globe, the Arbor Day Foundation is committed to restoring large swaths of forest destroyed in the California wildfires by 2022. Times for Trees as the initiative is named, is an ambitious project ranging from reforestation, like those that will take shape in California, to urban and suburban community tree planting projects.

The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that around 65% of the project for the initiative will take place in rural areas, and the rest in more densely populated communities. The organization’s overall aim is to combat the 18 million acres of forest that is lost globally each year.

Although 100 million trees planted is a drop in the bucket to fully restore trees lost each year, this has not deterred the organization from its mission. The Arbor Day Foundation estimates that over 578,000 tons of pollution will be removed from the air, which has the potential to make an impactful environmental difference.

To get 100 million trees in the ground over the next three years, the Arbor Day Foundation has tapped both corporate and nonprofit partners formed under the EverGreen Alliance. Multi-national firms like Bank of America, Fed Ex, Target and power company Exelon have pledged to sponsor tree planting initiatives in the communities they serve.

To learn more about the Arbor Day Foundations important work, please visit their website to discover how you can get involved.

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