Animal Fat is More Dangerous Than Sugar, Study Says


A study published by Diabetes Cares suggests that consuming saturated fat found in animal products is more likely to cause heart disease, type-2 diabetes, and liver disease than consuming sugar or unsaturated fat.

The Association overfed 38 categorized contributors a thousand extra calories in the form of saturated fat, unsaturated fat, or simple sugars over the period of three weeks.

It was reported that intrahepatic triglyceride, a marker of fatty liver disease increased by 55 percent in the participants who consumed saturated fat. Meanwhile, only 15 percent was reported to increase in the unsaturated fat participants and 33 percent in the sugar group.

The study authors mention that markers of heart disease and type two diabetes were found highest in the saturated fat group.

The authors also caution that the markers for heart disease and type two diabetes were highest among those in the saturated fat group.

These harmful saturated fats are mostly found in butter, cheese, cream, and eggs; sausages, bacon, fatty cuts of meat, and cured meats like salami and chorizo, according to NHS.

The study favors the consumption of eating more plant-based foods, such as vegetables, whole grains, fruit, and nuts.

The results of the study add to the growing number of previous research recommending that a plant-based diet is the best way to prevent heart disease and prevent – and even reverse – type-2 diabetes.

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