A Vegan Engineer Envisions a Plant-Based Uk by 2030


According to a vegan engineer, Tom Milner, the continuing growth of veganism over the years will put an end to animal agriculture. He believes that as soon as 15% of UK citizens go vegan, animal farming will economically fall apart. Milner expects that to happen in the next ten years or so.

In order to find out how fast veganism was escalating, Milner, known as “The Vegan Engineer”, ran a synopsis of over 2800 vegans that questioned the partakers about how long they’ve been vegan, their age, gender, and location. The results showed that 82.6 percent of them had made the change in the last 5 years.

Milner credits the positive results of the veganuary campaign for the recent increase in the number of vegans, especially in the months December, January, and February.

The research concludes that since 2011, the number of vegans have been increasing twofold every 2 years representing an ‘exponential growth curve’.

Milner states that if veganism continues to grow at this rate, UK will have about 15 percent vegans by 2030. Dr. Melenie Joy believes that such a result is sufficient enough for the industry of animal agriculture to financially crumble down.

“This seems reasonable to me because 15 percent of the population being vegan would mean there were even more significant numbers of vegetarians, pescatarians and meat reducers,” Milner said.

“With such a drop in demand for meat, dairy, and eggs it would be very difficult for any animal product based business to survive.

“2030 is, therefore, my prediction for a financial crippling of the UK animal agriculture industry and the entire UK population becoming de facto vegans. This is actually a slower growth rate than the Finder survey results which indicated 5.5% by the end of 2019.”





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