A Former Texas Hunter Went Vegan & is Now Protecting 900 Acres Of Wildlife

Photo Credits: livekindly.co

From a very young age, Jack Castle started hunting birds and big game joining his father and friends. His father owned several cattle businesses and fish farms.

Castle recalls some of his earliest memorable times traveling with his father were shared while shooting and hunting animals.

Today, Castle lives a very different lifestyle. He is no longer involved in activities that harm animals in any way. He is a vegan activist and an advocate for healthy living and compassion towards animals.

Castle revealed that upon meeting his wife Shushana Castle, he was inspired to question his choices.

Shushana, a co-executive producer of a vegan documentary “What the Health,” believes that a vegan lifestyle can greatly reduce the risks of hazardous diseases such as cancer. She is also an author of the book titled “Rethink Food, 100+ Doctors Can’t Be Wrong,” inspiring people to go vegan.

It goes deeper than health for the couple, Castle also owns 900 acres of land dedicated to wildlife without human involvement.

“Letting go of ranching and hunting is the ultimate respect to give the animals and it feels great in the heart. Respect extends to all life, especially factory-farmed animals,” Castle said.

“That respect extends to all life, especially factory farmed animals. We are all directly connected and that relationship is right in front of us. Today the crisis of deforestation and animal factory farm suffering cannot be ignored.

“I know not everyone is lucky enough to be married to a woman who can set their head straight on what to eat and how plant food is our own best healers, but everyone can start wherever they are. It’s never been more important.”

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