A 70 Year Old Handicapped Veteran Turned a Barren Mountain into a Forest


Ma Sanxiao, a legless Chinese veteran turned a barren mountain into a forest. He has planted more than 19,000 trees in a period of 19 years.

An endeavor like this can be very tough even for a young and perfectly healthy person, but for a 70-year-old legless person is beyond impressive.

Mr. Ma has suffered multiple injuries after falling across rocks into deep crevices.

He initially started planting trees so he could sell them to support his family financially but later continued doing it for a social cause.

Mr. Ma leaves his home as early as 5 am to plant trees on the mountain in the side of his village in the Taihang Mountain Range.

The retired soldier brings along his food because he usually spends his entire day planting the trees in his lonesome.

Mr. Ma rides a tuk tuk to go to the mountain with the help of his artificial limbs.

In 2008, the Chinese government reached out to him for financial assistance after his story hit the news.

He removes his prostheses and crawls on the mud with his tools to his destination

From then onwards, he continued his endeavor to pay back society.

‘I want to pay back the society and thank the government for their help’ he said.

He adds: ‘To me, they are not trees. I consider them as the soldiers I have commanded.

‘They make me feel very fulfilled.

‘As long as I live, I shall keep planting trees for future generations.’

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