5 Ways To Bulk Up On A Vegan Diet


There’s no shortage of people who went vegan to lose weight but ended up gaining a ton of weight as a result of vegan junk diet.

Karen Ansel, the author of the book titled ‘Healing Superfoods for Anti-Aging: Stay Younger, Live Longer’ shows how to muscle up on a healthy plant-based diet.

“If you want to muscle up, it’s a matter of choosing healthful, plant-based proteins and not French fries,” Ansel says. Some examples of plant-based protein foods include beans, tofu, and even protein-rich grains such as quinoa.


Protein is essential for the body and since vegan diets tend to be rich in carbs “you want to be sure you focus on getting adequate protein,” she says.

That does not mean that you have to take protein powders and supplements. “I’m not usually a fan of protein powders, because I say you can get all the protein you need from food,” she says.

But if you’re not getting the required amount of protein from your diet, it would make sense to use protein powders. “They tend to vary in texture, so just pick the one you like best,” Ansel says.

Nuts & Nut Butters

“These are excellent choices because they have so many health benefits, to begin with,” Ansel says. “And vegans trying to put on weight have the luxury of not worrying about eating too much of them.”


“you also need calories,” other than healthy nutrients she says, and avocados are best suited for both.


There are carbs like rice and there are carbs like whole grains that contain fiber and other healthy nutrients.  For your health’s sake “steer clear of vegan junk foods,” she says.

Plant-based milk

Plant-based milk is a great addition to your healthy meals. Ansel says. “Just make sure you’re not reaching for one of those super-low-calorie plant milks,” she says.

“Being on a vegan diet doesn’t mean you’ll gain or lose weight,” she says. It all depends on how well you eat. You just have to put your energy into eating the food that aligns with your weight goals.


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