5 Videos to Help Non-Vegans Make Connection


Linking veganism with upsetting and disturbing content can sometimes cause people to assume these messages as a personal accusation, resulting in defensiveness.

Therefore we want to convey the message in a more positive and inspiring way. Together, we can influence non-vegans in the right direction and help them open their hearts and minds.

Three-year-old kid explains why he doesn’t want to eat meat

A little boy, confused as to why people would eat animals, brings tears to her mother’s eyes with a profound yet simplest explanation.

Draw My Life, A Pig’s Life

A walkthrough of a pig’s life from birth to death. Phenomenally explained, this video will most definitely bring a tear to your eye.

The Gentle Barn: Karma’s reunion

Karma, grieving at the loss of her baby, runs after the trailer hoping to see her child who was taken away from her at birth. She reunites with her young calf and the result is heartwrenching.

Adorable Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat meat

Every once in a while, kids say some things that make you stop and really think about what they’re really saying. Watch this young girl explaining why she doesn’t want to eat meat.

Happiest video EVER!

Finally, just a cute video of baby animals playing and having the time of their life at Edgar’s Mission farm sanctuary.

Every time somebody realizes that animals feel emotions just as humans do and decides to do something about it, we are one step closer to a better future.

Share this message with a non-vegan friend and help us make a difference.

Source: Vegan Society

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